2,630 Rings

Dragonscale Collar

No, that’s not a typo.

I connected 2,630 rings to create the latest Proun1919 project, a luscious and substantial necklace that drapes across the collarbones. That’s quite a feat considering that the most intricate necklace in the collection to date has been the Turkish Roundmaille Lariat with about 700 rings.

Constructed using the Dragonscale weave, this collar-style necklace has an incredibly fluid feel. Running this chain through your hands, it contracts with a bit of pressure and expands out with gravity. This fluidity creates an intricate pattern of fanned metal scales when worn close to the neck.

Dragonscale Collar

With the rather considerable amount of sterling rings in this necklace, it’s certainly not a surprise that this is weighty piece of jewelry. In fact, it’s made of over 13 ounces of silver. Definitely not an everyday piece, this necklace has the physicality and personality of being reserved for special occasions. Though I have a hunch that this piece will make appearances not just with a black dress, but also with a luxe t-shirt and denim.

This necklace is finished with a set of three art glass box-style clasps at the back of the neck. In keeping with the collar styling of this necklace, the clasps appear like buttons that add just a touch of interesting detail that complements the intricacy of the chain pattern.

Dragonscale Collar

An epic project indeed …2,630 rings. 13 ounces of metal. And 44 hours of labor. Without a doubt, a labor of love.

[ Posted: November 2011 ]