Never Say Never

Captive Zen Bracelet

There’s one item that I’ve rarely ventured into making over the years that I’ve been crafting jewelry. And that item would be … the bracelet.

Surely, it makes sense that it’s rarely crossed my mind to create bracelets because they’re something that I haven’t been known to wear. But this has slowly been changing. A few leather cuffs have been making their way into my jewelry cabinet in the last year, proving themselves as fantastic focal pieces that require all other accessories to remain minimal. This summer’s jewelry trend didn’t quite share my taste for minimalism, as photo after photo could be found online of artfully wearing every bracelet one owned, stacked up both wrists.

While I’m fairly confident I’ll be reserving space for only piece at a time on my wrist, I’ve found bracelets to be an ideal avenue for experimenting with new chain patterns, particularly those that I don’t find as well suited for constructing necklaces.

The highly architectural Captive Zen bracelet – shown above – illustrates this, as its connection points allow it to bend only along one axis. One of more interesting characteristics of this piece is that is doesn’t have the drape or flexibility one might expect from a chain, but it instead wears much more like a sterling cuff.

Proun1919 Bracelets

The bracelets that I’ve been creating each share the quality of being rather substantial, with this sense of substance executed differently across each item. Density is the dominant characteristic of the Half Persian bracelet – shown above, at top – though this is also a very sinuous chain when worn on the wrist.

The Viperscale bracelet – shown above, at bottom – demonstrates its substance through volume, which contrasts against the delicate thinness of its rings. While it has a presence on the wrist, it also captures a sense of grace in the rhythm of its assymetric arcs.

See more of these bracelets in The Collection, and keep an eye open for more to join them.

[ Posted: September 2011 ]