A Peek Inside My Collection

Proun1919 Necklaces

I have a confession. I’ve been a bit selfish lately. Yes, this means that I’ve been concentrating on necklaces, experimenting with new chain patterns destined for a spot in my personal jewelry collection.

My Roundmaille diamond chain – shown above, at right – has proven a versatile wardrobe item. I wear it so frequently that I was inspired to try a variation. Turkish Roundmaille – shown above, at left – has a more airy character, which is complemented by the softer appearance of round-edged rings. I designed this new necklace to be worn a couple of different ways. With a 5-inch chain drop, it’s styled as a lariat. And without the drop, it can be worn as a choker.

Half Persian Necklace

My quest to conquer the Half Persian pattern over the holiday season has also taken shape into a finished necklace. This chain tends to have a very masculine character, which I’ve tempered by interrupting the flow of the chain with larger sterling rings. The crystal pendant, with its slightly asymmetrical lines, is just as substantial in appearance as the chain. I’d fallen for its inky luminosity long ago, and it has finally found its perfect counterpart with the Half Persian chain.

These necklaces, as well as many other pieces, are all on view in The Collection. While I may be in a bit of a selfish mood lately, these necklaces are available as custom items. Simply drop me a line if you’re interested.

[ Posted: April 2011 ]