Earrings Have Arrived

Proun1919 Earrings

It seems that I have something of an issue when it comes to creating necklaces.  I tend to fall in love with them, so it becomes quite a challenge to decide to offer something new up for sale.  Luckily, I don’t quite have that same attachment when it comes to my ears, so I’m feeling pretty confident that the earrings I’ve added to The Collection will have a fighting chance at making it beyond my jewelry wardrobe.

For the holiday season, I’ve taken a small break from my larger projects.  I’ve been playing around with making smaller compositions as earrings that echo the aesthetics of my necklaces.  Some are delicate and airy, and others are weighty and bold.  Several pair work well as companion pieces to Proun1919 necklaces, while others draw attention as focal pieces.

There’s no doubt that I’m excited to dive into designing new chains, but rest assured that earrings will become a staple of both The Collection and the Proun1919 Etsy Store.

[ Posted: December 2010 ]