Spotlight on Chains

Proun1919 Necklaces

These chains rank highly on my list of favorite pieces that I’ve created.  They’re both fairly substantial chains that look quite attractive resting near the collarbone, and I’ve found them to be versatile wardrobe staples.

Before approaching the Jens Pind (right), I thought this chain would be my nemesis.  It’s an elegant spiral weave, and my research pointed to many comments about this being a challenge to execute properly.  Luckily, I managed to grasp the pattern quickly, but there had to be some sort of wrench thrown into this experience, right?  The sterling rings I created this chain with are fairly thick, and it was nearly impossible to open and close the rings without marring them with my pliers.  My search for a solution led me to a liquid rubber, which I used to coat my pliers and avoid nasty scuff marks on the finished chain.

With the confidence of conquering Jens Pind so easily, I felt assured that experimenting with Roundmaille (left) would be super simple.  And I couldn’t have been more wrong.  At its essence, Roundmaille begins as a flat weave that is folded in on itself and seamed close with additional rings, creating a round shape down the length of chain.  And let me tell you that there are a lot of rings that make up this chain.  It was a bit trying to get the chain started, but once the pattern began to make sense, I realized that this chain takes a certain amount of patience to finish.

Whether perceived or real challenge, these chains are beautiful representations of adapting chain maille techniques into jewelry.

[ Posted: October 2010 ]