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Proun1919 Necklaces

The launch collection for Proun1919 has finally taken shape, and I’ve posted the initial pieces in The Collection.  Thus far, I’ve been concentrating on necklaces, simply because I tend to think of shoes and necklaces in the same way – you can never really have enough.

Every piece in the Proun1919 collection is crafted from sterling silver, incorporating handmade chain elements.  I’ve designed some necklaces using these chain elements as a simple focal point, while other pieces are fully crafted from  handmade chain.

Proun1919 Necklaces

Swarovski crystal pendants also accent several necklaces in a range of finishes from fiery red to aurora borealis.  I’ve chosen crystals with a touch of asymmetry to create a pleasing contrast against the pattern of the chains.  Herringbone ribbon makes an appearance as well, allowing the length of a necklace to be changed on a whim.  I’m partial to the herringbone fabric because it is soft, yet substantial and has much more personality than a simple satin ribbon.

I hope you enjoy this collection!

[ Posted: October 2010 ]